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Proofing Basket, Round

Proofing Basket, Round

$ 25.00

An essential supply for the artisanal home baker. Also known as a "banneton" or "brotform," the proofing basket allows for the final rise or proof of your loaf before placing in the oven. This round proofing basket creates the perfect shape for a round "boule" sourdough loaf and leaves a beautiful spiral pattern on the crust.

The proofing basket must be heavily dusted with corn meal or a combination of rice flour and whole wheat flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Should be covered with a damp cloth or plastic bag to prevent the dough from drying out during the proofing stage.

With this proofing basket and the Superstone La Cloche you will be well on your way to baking delicious and beautiful artisanal breads at home!

  • Made of rattan
  • Measures 9.5"w x 4"h

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