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Freckled Hen Bell Pepper Seeds

Freckled Hen Bell Pepper Seeds

$ 4.50

California Wonder produces a prolific amount of large, beautiful bell peppers that turn from glossy green to vibrant red. This heirloom variety has been grown since the 1920s and is still the standard. Plants are sturdy and will grow to 24-30 inches tall. Use a stake or cage to keep plants from falling over when they are heavy with fruit.

  • Where to plant: Plant peppers in an area with full sun and fertile soil.
  • When to start inside: Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date.
  • When to sow outside: Transplant peppers in the garden after the last chance of frost has passed.
  • Packed for 2019
  • 80 days to maturity
  • The seeds chosen are the very same varieties Luke & Natalie grow in their garden. 
  • The seeds are are easy to grow by a beginning gardener & trusted by our fellow small farmers.

The Freckled Hen Collection, inspired by Luke & Natalie's life on Freckled Hen Farm, is a thoughtful collection of goods that are both beautiful & useful. This collection is sure to encourage folks to slow down & savor the somewhat ordinary - yet extraordinary - moments of life that go unnoticed unless we take the time to really appreciate them. 



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