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Farmhouse Soup Mix

Farmhouse Soup Mix

$ 8.00

Whip up supper in no time with our all-natural farmhouse soup mixes. Handcrafted with whole ingredients to make dinner wholesome & easy. Each package is illustrated with old-fashioned sketches of the past - the perfect addition to a gift basket!

  • Corn Chowder (Makes 4-5 cups) Ingredients: Soy based stock, dehydrated potatoes, corn, onion, celery, parsley, chives, cornstarch, paprika and salt

  • Chicken Enchilada (Makes 7-8 cups) Ingredients: Corn, soup greens (carrot, onion, tomato, peas, celery, green bell pepper, green beans, parsley), rice, onion, chipotle pepper, mesquite flavor, spinach, red bell pepper, tomato powder, paprika, cilantro, jalape√±o pepper, sugar, spices and sea salt

  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Makes 4-5 cups) Ingredients: Potato flake, potato starch, cheese powder, wheat flour, onion, soy protein, broccoli & spices

  • Potato Cheddar Chive Soup (Makes 4-5 cups) Ingredients: Potato flakes, potato cubes, soy protein, potato starch, leeks, chives, parsley, onion, white wine powder, lemon powder, vegetarian chicken stock, black pepper & spices

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