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Farmhouse Dip Mix

Farmhouse Dip Mix

$ 6.00

The perfect addition to any potluck or picnic, our farmhouse mixes offer both sweet & savory flavors that are all-natural & wholesome. Serve up these quick mixes with veggies, chips or crackers for a delicious & quick side to any gathering!

Each package is hand-illustrated with old-fashioned sketches of the past - a lovely addition to any gift basket for every special occasion. 

  • Cheddar Ale Dip Ingredients: White cheddar powder, beer powder, white wine powder, parsley, mustard seed, onion, garlic, soy-based chicken stock, Worcestershire powder, carrot powder, mustard powder, maple syrup, cayenne pepper
  • Cucumber Dill Dip Ingredients: Dill tips, onion, parsley, dextrose garlic salt, black pepper, citric acid and cucumber flavor
  • Five Onion Dip Ingredients: Onion, green onion, leeks, chives, garlic and parsley
  • Sriracha Dip Ingredients: Garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, parsley, spices, sugar, sea salt, citric acid

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