Modern Colorful Glass Candles

  • $ 34.00

We love these stylish modern inspired containers with fresh scents to fill your sweet home! A wonderful gift idea and a little treat just for you to be enjoyed!

Each candle is made with all-natural soy beans and hand-poured to ensure quality.

  • 8 oz. & 13 oz. 

Ocean Rose & Bay:

  • Top Notes: Marine Ozone, Green leaves, Lemon
    Middle Notes: Rose, Red Currants, Lily, Jasmine
    Base Notes: White Amber

Lavender Mimosa & Petals:

  • Top Notes: Cyclamen Petals, Eucalyptus Leaves, Crushed Lavender
    Middle Notes: White Thyme, Blushed Peony, Wild Muget
    Base Notes: Soft Musk, Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Bean